Tenant Screening Tips

There are some ways to keep bad renters out of your property. With just a little bit of your time and money, you can save yourself from losing thousands of dollars in the future. These tips will hopefully help you screen prospective tenants. First of all, there are free websites that allow landlords and property owners to check each prospective renter’s rental history before renting to them. One website has 4.5 million records in their database that will quickly look for a rental applicant’s name, or it will search by birthdate. This organization does not charge a fee. The problem with searches like these is that a truly fraudulent person will not supply their correct name or birthdate.

It is much more accurate to do a tenant background search that is based on social security numbers. Social security numbers can also be false numbers, but there are databanks that search for numbers that are from the deceased, and they will sometimes red flag social security numbers of those whose identity has been stolen. The very best tip for landlords is to get a tenant background check at one of the dependable websites that has access to huge databases with a plethora of data that an individual could never scan through on their own. It is far better to know if an applicant is a convicted sex offender or if they have a criminal record before renting than afterwards.

Tenant Screening TipsUnfortunately, interview questions do not matter much in today’s world. A truly deceitful person can often give the best answers that appear to be sincere and honest. The only real way to know the truth is by examining the facts that can be provided by federal, state, and county government offices whose databanks record the social security numbers and names of those who have been convicted of felonies and other crimes or who are on international terrorist lists.

There are some things to look for, however, when interviewing prospective renters. If the person is late for your appointment without an excellent reason, this should notify you to beware. They may also be late with rent. Also, if the applicant seems to be extremely eager to get into your apartment or house, this could be a sign that they need to get out of their present apartment or house. They could be going through an eviction and need a quick place to live. Experienced landlords also try to go by their gut feelings about a person. If someone seems strange in some way, they say to pay attention to that and do not rent to the person.

Another seldom-followed tenant screening tip is to directly call former landlords or property managers for a reference on the prospective renter. Although the owner from divulge much information on a person, they may tell you whether or not they would again rent to the applicant. They may also tell you if the rent was paid on time. Then, the property owner is able to drawn their own conclusion about this information and decide whether or not they want to take a chance renting to the applicant.

The last tenant screening tips are to hand the prospective renter a list of your rules. Then, after explaining them, have the applicant sign that they agree to the rules. When you make your expectations very clear, it helps avoid problems later. Also, ask the applicant if they have any problem with the fact that you will be doing a background check. You will do it anyway, but if they are squeamish, this is a clue that they may be hiding something.